About Roots&Branches

We bring you and your community listening, prayer, and spiritual practices that open the way to healing spirit, soul, and body.

Roots&Branches creates noise-free, shame-free, formula-free, Christ-centered spaces for personal and cultural transformation. Through listening, healing prayer, Enneagram work, body and breath work, equipping, and personal coaching, we help you and your community connect with Jesus to restore spirit, soul and body. 

We’ve had the honor of praying with hundreds of spiritual seekers. We’ve brought our highly effective and respected training and equipping to hundreds in community. And our founder, Susan Carson, is a sought-after speaker, podcaster, pray-er, and author of the highly-rated spiritual guidebook, “rooted (IN): Thriving in Connection with God, Yourself, and Others.”

• Over nearly a decade, we’ve prayed with hundreds of people on their healing journeys. Over 80% of our clients report lasting change and increased freedom in their lives.

• We offer spiritual paths and practices that open the way to living rooted and grounded in the healing, restoring love of Christ. 

• We believe listening is the beginning of healing—listening to God, to our own hearts, and to others.

• We’ve had the honor of partnering with ministries and churches in the U.S. and abroad to share the practice of Rooted Prayer.

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Meet the Instructor

Susan Carson - Founder, Roots&Branches Network

Susan Carson is an author, speaker, podcaster, and leader passionate for healing. Susan is the founder of Roots&Branches Network and has over 25 years of experience in training and curriculum development.