Building Great Relationships

About Relational Peace

Meet Dr. Gary Sweeten

Founder - Relational Peace, Sweeten Life Systems

Dr. Gary Sweeten’s doctoral thesis was on integrating psychology with biblical truth for holistic, whole-person health. Dr. Sweeten has spent the past 40+ years proving that his approach works, and continually improving with real-life experience. Dr. Sweeten has assembled a team of teachers, authors, content creators, and speakers who also share their life-giving relationship tools to help you develop peace in all three arenas.

Meet the Contributing Organizations

Relational Peace is made up of an affiliation of respected and effective Christian teachers who have created online courses helping people build great relationships with God, self and others.

Sweeten Life Systems

Empowering people with a substantial transfer of knowledge, skills, and healthy relationships to build their capacity for expansion and durability and increase their effectiveness in promoting faith, compassion, and action.


We bring you and your community listening, prayer, and spiritual practices that open the way to healing spirit, soul, and body.

Growth Institute

An online teaching platform designed to help you choose a life you would love to live.

Divorce & Beyond

Helping people meet the challenges that result from divorce or separation. Our deep desire is to extend care, knowledge, empathy, and healing while promoting individual responsibility and growth opportunities.

Center for Bold Action

Equiping men and women to hold Christ-like beliefs and turn them into actions that enhance the quality of life of all people they encounter.

About Our Founder

Shortly after completing his doctorate in 1975, Dr. Gary Sweeten was compelled to live out the biblical exhortation to equip people for ministry.  To that end, he launched the “Teleois” ministry within Cincinnati’s College Hill Presbyterian Church.  It was there that he trained and equipped everyday lay people to provide care and compassion to the body of believers.  The emotional and spiritual health of the community rose.    

He was convinced the same skills could be used in other settings and he held national and international conferences multiple times per year, and thousands attended .  Soon, he was invited to travel to other countries to teach these same skills.  People were being equipped and the reports of emotionally heathier individuals, families and communities poured in.

Now with the advent of on-line learning and the reach/access the Internet provides, Gary and team have launched to make his equipping materials accessible world-wide.  The on-line courses are video-based with accompanying workbooks, and can be consumed individually, in families or in a group format.