RPU Webinar Series

Conversations with experienced teachers guiding you in healthy relationships with God, self, and others.

About Relational Peace University

Be a part of providing life-changing training that is proven to impact generations!

Meet the Affiliate Organizations

Sweeten Life Systems

Building a lifetime of great relationships.

Empowering people with a substantial transfer of knowledge, skills, and healthy relationships to build their capacity for expansion and durability and increase their effectiveness in promoting faith, compassion, and action.


Creating safe spaces for transformational encounters

We bring you and your community listening, prayer, and spiritual practices that open the way to healing spirit, soul, and body.

Growth Institute

Equipped to Choose Life

An online teaching platform designed to help you choose a life you would love to live.

Divorce & Beyond

Divorce hurts. We can help.

Helping people meet the challenges that result from divorce or separation. Our deep desire is to extend care, knowledge, empathy, and healing while promoting individual responsibility and growth opportunities.