The mission of the Center for Bold Action is to equip men and women to hold Christ-like beliefs and turn them into actions that enhance the quality of life of all people they encounter.

CBA has two divisions: (1) Outreach to the mission field most neglected by the American church: the men and women living in long-term care facilities. It does this by education and the development of materials that offer meaningful enrichment and stimulate hope and faith.  This is the area of interest and expertise of Diana Walters, PhD (Mrs. Rich) whose doctoral research demonstrated how biblical teaching could use Montessori principles to enliven cognition, stimulate recall, and promote conversation.

The other division, Rich’s area, is associated with mental health and human relations issues. His courses are on subjects that are of practical value and often of immediate need. For example, his first course, Anger Storms, explains where anger comes from, how to deal with it when it begins to creep in, how to reduce and resolve it, the use of indignation, and how to manage an angry person.

Meet the Founders

Rich Walters

Co-Founder and President - Center for Bold Action

Rich Walters was a business administrator in two Christian colleges, then Asst. Business Manager of an 8,500-student university where he also earned a master's degree in counseling. The last six months there he was Acting VP for Business, and was offered the VP job, but God had already called him to further education and a new, more meaningful career path. After earning his psychology license, he was an outpatient therapist at two psychiatric hospitals and Minister of Counseling in a large evangelical church. For several years he taught a graduate-level human relations course part-time for Michigan State University and taught psychology full time for a Christian college for eight years. In addition to co-authoring three major academic books, Rich has been published by three prominent Christian publishers who collectively produced eight of his books. He has a total of ten foreign editions and has self-published nine books and six book-length syllabi.

Diana Walters

Co-Founder and Vice President - Center for Bold Action

Diana Walters, PhD, earned her doctorate at Oxford Graduate School. Her studies focused on religious issues among the elderly, capped by her pioneering research of the use of multi-sensory materials to enhance receptivity by Alzheimer's patients of a ministry visit. This use of Montessori methods to the special needs of persons with dementia was tested by rigorous empirical research and has been published in a refereed journal. She has presented at the Crystal Cathedral and at a national conference in Australia. She works directly with the senior population as Consultant to the Vineyard, the assisted living community of a residential complex for independent and assisted living in Chattanooga TN. These activities both fulfill her love for interaction with people and give opportunity to observe how the lives of people in such circumstances can be enriched. She is actively involved in equipping volunteers and professionals better to serve the needs of persons whose abilities have been blunted by physical conditions. Rich describes Diana as "Prov 31 put into reality."