What It Is and Does 

Welcome to the course, “Anger Storms” by The Center for Bold Action. Anger is a common emotion that can be troublesome for the person who is angry, unpleasant (or worse) for those nearby, and no fun at all if anger is directed to yourself. Being a bit angry on occasion is normal but does not need to be disruptive. 

This course can help you in these ways: 

► Builds confidence. Anger is powerful but you’ll learn to be even stronger. 

► Eases relationships. Anger does not need to cause tension between you and others. 

► Lessens anxiety. The source of anger is not a mystery. You’ll learn what to do about it. 

► Strengthens self-control. You can understand anger and know what to do about it. 

► Implants boldness. It helps you effectively to side with righteousness and resist evil. 

► Increases resilience. You’ll know how to calm an angry person. 

► Broadens insight. The course will help you understand the anger shown by other people. 

► Empowers love. Redeem your side of an anger-stained history with another person. 

Most of the 65-minute, 6-session course discusses anger as if you are the angry person. It also shows how to manage an angry person. Anger works the same for everyone. Everything you learn about the causes and actions of your personal anger helps you understand other people when they are angry. 

Segment, length, topic 

1 - 20 min - Introduction 

2 - 10 min - Constructive Responses to Anger 

3 - 10 min - Roots of Anger 

4 - 15 min - Resolution 

5 - 5 min - Indignation (the constructive use of anger) 

6 - 5 min - Responding to an Angry Person 

Who can benefit from this course? 

Anyone can benefit if they want to. The course is written in plain language, easily understood by anyone from middle-school on up. The author guided many people to resolution of anger-related problems during his career as a counseling psychologist. 

How to Get the Most From the Course 

Watch each section three times before moving on. You’ll get more information each time and more useful personal applications. The personal applications are the most valuable part. Hold your arms out and be ready to receive. Better yet, pray before you watch and open your mind and heart ready to receive whatever God has for you as delivered by His humble servant. 

In addition to information, the course is likely to affirm you (hey, you ain’t all bad), offer new or forgotten insight (it may clear up a mystery or confusion), prompt a self-rebuke (we all need it sometimes), and lead to a plan (that makes it possible to see your progress). The goal, yours and mine, will be that you become fully comfortable with who you are “inside your own skin” and in relationships with others, even when anger happens.

Meet the Instructor

Rich Walters

Co-Founder and President - Center for Bold Action

Rich Walters was a business administrator in two Christian colleges, then Asst. Business Manager of an 8,500-student university where he also earned a master's degree in counseling. The last six months there he was Acting VP for Business, and was offered the VP job, but God had already called him to further education and a new, more meaningful career path. After earning his psychology license, he was an outpatient therapist at two psychiatric hospitals and Minister of Counseling in a large evangelical church. For several years he taught a graduate-level human relations course part-time for Michigan State University and taught psychology full time for a Christian college for eight years. In addition to co-authoring three major academic books, Rich has been published by three prominent Christian publishers who collectively produced eight of his books. He has a total of ten foreign editions and has self-published nine books and six book-length syllabi.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Description

    2. What'll Ya Have?

    3. Download Full Course Workbook

    4. Anger Storms Introduction

    1. First Aid

    1. Roots of Anger

    1. Resolution

    1. Indignation

    1. Responding to an Angry Person

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content