Gary Sweeten

Founder - Sweeten Life Systems, Relational Peace University

The architect behind Relational Peace University is Dr. Gary Sweeten, the founder and Executive Director of Sweeten Life Systems. More than 50 years ago, Gary began to teach a fusion of timeless Christian truths and contemporary psychological principles that individuals could use to mend their divisions and strengthen their relationships. Gary has personally established training centers in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, and his teachings have been used in at least 85 countries around the world.

Brenda Varga


Brenda Varga is a wife and mother who has seen the powerful effects Renewed Thinking can have on relationships. By applying the concepts taught in this class, she has transformed from a controlling mother prone to yelling into a grace-filled, empowering one, literally changing the dynamics of her family. After experiencing first-hand the life-changing power of Renewed Thinking, she is passionate about teaching others so they can also benefit from her experiences.

Steve Griebling


In 1982, God brought Steve and Gary together with Steve founding a dynamic ministry of care and counsel at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. They have been together ever since, teaching and writing many books and articles. Steve is a licensed clinical counselor and is currently the Pastor for Spiritual Direction at Hope Church in Mason, Ohio.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome & Instructions

    • Download the Renewed Thinking Workbook

    • Course Overview

    • Brenda Varga Testimony

  • 2

    Can We Change?

    • Biblical Context

    • Science of the Mind

  • 3

    Redefining Emotion

    • Thoughts vs. Feelings

    • ABCD

    • ABCD Interactive

    • Feeling Words Chart

  • 4

    Know Thyself

    • Belief Systems

    • Perception Language

  • 5

    Applying Change

    • RSA (Renewed Self Analysis)

    • RSA Example

    • Stinking Thinking

  • 6

    Working It Out

    • Limbic Lag and Grace

    • Do Something Else

  • 7


    • Another RSA Example

    • Another ABCD Example

    • Renewed Self Analysis Charts by Brenda Varga