About Peace With God

Helping people see how to live in peace with God, themselves, and others is the mission of Sweeten Life Systems. In this online class, Dr. Gary Sweeten sets out to teach the basic principles of how God wants us to live and have peace with Him.

Through years of teaching in the US and abroad, Gary found that lack of peace with God usually leads to feeling anxious, depressed, and worried. But when we see that God makes it possible to know we are loved and have our identity in Christ, perfect peace is assured. You can gain new assurance of your identity as God's son or daughter. That sure knowledge allows us to rest in God's peace.

You will learn: 

  • The importance of being created in God’s image.
  • How the fall of Adam and Eve impacted humanity.
  • How God created men and women as equals and what it means to be a 'helper.'
  • Why husbands and wives have so many conflicts.
  • How we can have internal peace even while living in the fallen, broken, chaotic world.
  • The process of maturing as a Christian.
  • How God’s grace and mercy have been designed for you and me to live in peace with Him.

Course Structure

The course is a combination of pre-recorded lectures and practical applications along with additional videos and articles to expand learning and for those who want to dig deeper into the content.

There are 8 modules that start with short video presentations by Dr. Gary Sweeten. Each presentation is followed by an application.

In addition to the core teaching by Dr. Sweeten, resources by other experts and by artists are provided to nurture your growth.

  • Transcripts and audio are provided for each video presentation.
  • A printable or fillable PDF workbook is provided for each student.
  • Students self-monitor their own progress by checking weekly completion boxes.
  • Completion certificates will be awarded upon course completion.
  • This and other courses on Relational Peace University are available to be taken with a private group such as a small group or bible study. Contact hello@relationalpeace.org to request a private group.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2


    • Introduction to Peace with God

    • Application - Introduction

  • 3


    • Created with Intent

    • Application - Created with Intent

    • Created in God's Image - Part 1 Our Unified Being

    • Created in God's Image - Part 2 Our Attributes Defined

    • Application - Created in God's Image

    • Created Equal But Different

    • Application - Created Equal But Different

    • Deeper Dive - Created in God's Image

  • 4

    The Fall

    • From Peace to Chaos - Part 1 The Wrong Choice

    • From Peace to Chaos - Part 2: Who Do They Blame?

    • Application - From Peace to Chaos

    • Four Areas of Brokenness - Part 1: Four Areas of Fallen Nature

    • Four Areas of Brokenness - Part 2: Rebellion, Guilt, Shame and Bondage Defined

    • Four Areas of Brokenness - Part 3: Hope for Healing

    • Application - Four Areas of Brokenness

    • Specific Results for Men and Woman - Part 1: Understand the Bible in Today's Language

    • Specific Results for Men and Woman - Part 2: Consequences for Women

    • Application - Specific Results for Men and Women A

    • Specific Results for Men and Woman - Part 3: Consequences for Men

    • Application - Specific Results for Men and Women B

    • Deeper Dive - First Family Falls

  • 5

    Good News

    • Good News

    • Application - Good News

    • Redeeming All Four Areas of Brokenness

    • Application - Redeeming All Areas of Brokenness

    • I Will Change Your Name - The Nebblett Family [Music Video]

    • Deeper Dive - Into Ephesians 2:12-19

  • 6

    Peace Through Growth

    • The Growth Gap

    • Application - The Growth Gap

    • Living In The Gap - Part 1 Tips 1-3 for Living in Gap

    • Living In The Gap - Part 2 Tips 4-6 for Living in Gap

    • Living In The Gap - Part 3 Tips 7-9 for Living in Gap

    • Application - Living in the Gap

    • Representing God in Everything

    • Application - Representing God in Everything

    • Who You Say I am - Hillsong Worship [Music Video]

    • Deeper Dive - The 3 Aspects of Sanctification

  • 7

    The Healing Power of Grace

    • Clarifying Grace and Works

    • Application - Clarifying Grace and Works

    • Living in Grace

    • Application - Living in Grace

    • Butterfly Circus by [Video]

    • Application - Butterfly Circus

    • Reckless Love by Cory Asbury [Music Video]

  • 8


    • Conclusion

    • Course Evaluation