About the Webinar

Communication specialist Randy Creamer joins Dr. Gary Sweeten for a conversation about how to create empathic and caring relationships. Gary and Randy bring to this conversation decades of experience in training churches and communities to effectively listen and foster connection, growth, and healing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- Five barriers that interfere with communication

- Practical tips to avoid mistakes in communication

- The positive influence that good speaking and listening skills can have in your relationships

- The role that the church can play in supporting growth and healing

About the Hosts

Randy Creamer is the founder of the Growth Institute, an online training platform teaching self-awareness and communication skills. Randy is a professional life coach and pastor who has spent years sitting with people in their hurt, pain, and struggles and developing content to guide people into choosing a life they would love to live.

Dr. Gary Sweeten is the founder of LifeWay Counseling Centers, Sweeten Life Systems, and Relational Peace University. Gary is a retired counselor and educator with experience in Elementary, Junior High, High School, College and Post Academic Christian Education. Gary has been training churches, Christian organizations, and communities around the world to develop healthy relationships with God, themselves, and others for the last several decades.