A Vital Tool for Caring People

When you are a caring person, others come to you for advice.

Do you seem to attract hurting people who want to talk with you about their problems? Do people share their anxious thoughts and their sad — even depressive — feelings with you, and you don't know what to do?

Maybe you wonder if they are just having a bad day or going through a phase, but there are so many articles about mental illness in the media that you wonder if they need medication. Perhaps you heard that the local psychiatric hospitals for youth are full, and this young person seems to need one, but you are unsure.

Actually, only about 4% of the people in distress need hospitalization, and only about 15% need professional counseling. So how can you differentiate what is needed? The enclosed video and written handout will assist you to make that decision with clarity. This teaching is being used by hundreds of ministers and influencers around the world because they found it essential to their work. 


Gary Sweeten

Founder - Sweeten Life Systems, Relational Peace University

The architect behind Relational Peace University is Dr. Gary Sweeten, the founder and Executive Director of Sweeten Life Systems. More than 50 years ago, Gary began to teach a fusion of timeless Christian truths and contemporary psychological principles that individuals could use to mend their divisions and strengthen their relationships. Gary has personally established training centers in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, and his teachings have been used in at least 85 countries around the world.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Evaluate and Refer

    2. Quick Reference Guide - How to Evaluate and Refer

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