About the Webinar

Our relationships are powerful influences in our lives, and many times, can be unsafe and hurtful. While relationships have the power to be incredibly painful, they also have the power to heal. On August 26, Susan Carson joins Dr. Gary Sweeten for a conversation on how to practice listening skills to create healing in relationships.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How listening is at the core of our relationships with God, self, and others
  • How safe space creates transformation
  • The four components of a safe space
  • Skills and practices to integrate safety in your relationships

About The Hosts

Susan Carson is a spiritual guide, author, and podcaster who has sat and prayed with hundreds of people on their healing journeys. Her passion is creating safe, sacred spaces to facilitate transformational encounters with Jesus. Susan is the founder of Roots&Branches Network and has over 25 years of experience in training and curriculum development.

Dr. Gary Sweeten is the founder of LifeWay Counseling Centers, Sweeten Life Systems, and Relational Peace University. Gary is a retired counselor and educator with experience in Elementary, Junior High, High School, College and Post Academic Christian Education. Gary has been training churches, Christian organizations, and communities around the world to develop healthy relationships with God, themselves, and others for the last several decades.