About the Webinar

Are you ever unhappy with some of your feelings about money — or some of your behaviors, for that matter? Maybe, when you spend money, you can’t help feeling a little bit guilty. Maybe, when you’re asked to give money, you sometimes feel kind of resentful. Maybe you always seem to keep running up credit card bills. Or maybe something compels you to keep fruitlessly trying for a Powerball jackpot.

If you’ve ever studied Gary Sweeten’s “Renewed Thinking” material (soon to be re-released as an all-new video series), you’ll know that in circumstances like these, it’s time to do a little “rational self-assessment” and try to identify the beliefs that are behind those unwanted feelings and behaviors. But when it comes time to realign our beliefs with God’s truth, sometimes there’s another problem: What exactly is God’s truth about money?

Join Gary Sweeten and Jonathan Kopke for a webinar that introduces our new video course about finally gaining emotional, relational, and spiritual peace around money.