About the Communication Primer

This online course is a primer designed to help you learn how to speak and listen well in order to develop depth and understanding in your relationships.

This primer precludes an eight-week course on Communication by The Growth Institute here on Relational Peace University.

What You'll Get From The Communication Primer

Communication requires a two-way street of speaking and listening. The problem is that most of the time, we speak without giving thought to our deeply-rooted beliefs, ideas, and values, and we listen only to find time to interject our opinions. We are not speaking to think or listening to understand. Both patterns reveal challenges to developing a connection with those around us. What if we could learn how to speak to think and listen to understand? The Growth Institute is launching an online primer designed to help you learn how to speak and listen well so that you can deepen your connection with the people in your life. There will soon also be an eight-week online course that goes in-depth on learning and practicing essential communication skills.

As a student in this course, you can expect to take away lots of new information and practical exercises. Each lesson is presented in both written and video teaching formats; you can choose whichever one you learn best with. There are exercises after each teaching segment, and these are an important part of learning. We encourage you to take your time and really work through them with intention. 

Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. Workbook Download

    1. Introduction

    2. I. Five Types of Requests

    3. II. Three Types of People

    4. III. Problems In Communication

    1. Conclusion

About this course

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