About The Communication Course

Effective communication involves both speaking and listening. The problem is that most of the time, we speak without giving thought to our deeply-rooted beliefs, ideas, and values, and we listen only to find time to interject our opinions. We are not speaking to think or listening to understand. Both patterns are roadblocks to developing a connection with those we love. 

What if we could learn how to speak to think and listen to understand? 

This 8-week online course from the Growth Institute is designed to help you learn how to speak and listen well so that you can deepen the connection with the people in your life. 

This course will dive deeply into identifying communication problems, learning how to be congruent with emotion and thought, gaining knowledge and understanding of self, listening with warmth, empathy, and respect, and being grateful in our communication.

What You'll Get From The Communication Course

You can expect to take away lots of new knowledge and skills from this course. You can expect to...

  • Identify communication problems – poor speaking & listening habits
  • Learn how to be congruent with emotion and thought
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of self
  • Listen with warmth, empathy, and respect
  • Be grateful in our communication

Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. Instructor Bio

    3. Exercise Workbook

    1. Lesson 1 - Is anybody listening?

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Lesson 2 - Talking Helps Us Think

    4. Exercise 2

    5. Lesson 3 - What's your Story?

    6. Exercise 3

    1. Lesson 1 - Conversation & Speaking

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Lesson 2 - Intimacy

    4. Exercise 2

    5. Lesson 3 - Emotional Flooding

    6. Exercise 3

    1. Lesson 1 - Listen to understand

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Lesson 2 - Interrupting

    4. Exercise 2

    5. Lesson 3 - Listening really helps

    6. Exercise 3

    1. Lesson 1 - Common mistakes while listening

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Lesson 2 - Tips to avoid mistakes in communication

    4. Exercise 2

    1. Lesson 1 - Warmth

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Lesson 2 - Body Language

    4. Exercise 2

    5. Lesson 3 - Focused vs Distracted

    6. Exercise 3

    7. Lesson 4

About this course

  • $40.00
  • 51 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Meet the Instructor

Randy Creamer

Founder - The Growth Institute

Randy Creamer, Counseling Pastor at SouthBrook Christian Church and Founder of TimeToHeal, LLC., a nonprofit organization created to assist pastors, counselors and lay helpers who desire to give a listening ear to people in pain and offer practical help. We desire to come alongside and help close the gap between the moment someone wants help and the moment they receive it. TimeToHeal also offers ongoing support, consultation, and assistance in creating a solid referral system. In his 40 plus years of ministry experience, Randy currently oversees the Pastoral Counseling Ministry at SouthBrook. He has trained over 30 volunteers to assist in the distribution of care at SouthBrook. Together they spend over 3,000 hours a year listening, praying, and guiding people to a brighter future. Randy has authored several interventions including: TRUE Profile (Who are you and what’s your purpose?), From Anxiety to Peace (Allowing anxiety to work for you, not against you), and others. Randy is married to Sue Ann for over 40 years and has 3 sons, 3 daughters by marriage, and 3 granddaughters.