About Graceful Listening

No matter what your role, the skills you will learn in Graceful Listening will help you improve your relationships.

It all starts with four simple skills that come out of counseling research but are also mentioned as attributes of Love in the Bible:

Genuineness: Real, Authentic, and Open to others

Respect: Every person carries the image of God and has eternal worth. 

Empathy: Accurately understanding other people’s ideas and feelings. Patient attention. 

Warm Kindness: Friendly, Liking, Sensitive

You can have a similar impact on those you love and care for. In this course, you will build on the skills you already have and learn to relate to others in a transformative and graceful way.

The course is a combination of pre-recorded lectures and practical applications along with additional videos and articles to expand learning and for those who want to dig deeper into the content.

There are 5 modules that start with short video presentations by Dr. Gary Sweeten. Each presentation is followed by an application.

In addition to the core teaching by Dr. Sweeten, resources by other experts are included to nurture your growth.

  • Transcripts and audio are provided for each video presentation.
  • A printable or fillable PDF workbook is provided for each student.
  • Students self-monitor their own progress by checking weekly completion boxes.
  • Completion certificates will be awarded upon course completion.
  • This and other courses on Relational Peace University are available to be taken with a private group such as a small group or bible study. Contact hello@relationalpeace.org to inquire about group pricing.
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Adverse Advise

About the Instructors

Gary Sweeten

Founder - Sweeten Life Systems, Relational Peace University

The architect behind Relational Peace University is Dr. Gary Sweeten, the founder and Executive Director of Sweeten Life Systems. More than 50 years ago, Gary began to teach a fusion of timeless Christian truths and contemporary psychological principles that individuals could use to mend their divisions and strengthen their relationships. Gary has personally established training centers in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, and his teachings have been used in at least 85 countries around the world.

Randy Creamer

Founder - The Growth Institute

Randy Creamer, Counseling Pastor at SouthBrook Christian Church and Founder of TimeToHeal, LLC., a nonprofit organization created to assist pastors, counselors and lay helpers who desire to give a listening ear to people in pain and offer practical help. We desire to come alongside and help close the gap between the moment someone wants help and the moment they receive it. TimeToHeal also offers ongoing support, consultation, and assistance in creating a solid referral system. In his 40 plus years of ministry experience, Randy currently oversees the Pastoral Counseling Ministry at SouthBrook. He has trained over 30 volunteers to assist in the distribution of care at SouthBrook. Together they spend over 3,000 hours a year listening, praying, and guiding people to a brighter future. Randy has authored several interventions including: TRUE Profile (Who are you and what’s your purpose?), From Anxiety to Peace (Allowing anxiety to work for you, not against you), and others. Randy is married to Sue Ann for over 40 years and has 3 sons, 3 daughters by marriage, and 3 granddaughters.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome and Tips for Success

    • Download the Graceful Listening Workbook

    • Overview

    • Communication Barriers

    • Genuine Love

    • Build Trust: Johari Window

  • 2

    Warm Kindness

    • Relate with Warm Kindness

    • Three Ways to Communicate Warm Kindness


  • 3

    Empathic Listening

    • Intro to Empathic Listening

    • Empathic Listening and Reflecting

    • Empathic Responses

  • 4


    • Interact with Respect

    • Problem Ownership

    • Who Owns the Monkey?

  • 5

    Launching Listeners

    • Emotional Response Cycle

    • Respond According to the Type of Request

    • Decipher Mixed Messages with Role Play

    • Bridge Cultural Divides with Listening

  • 6


    • PDF Download and Save Instructions

    • Graceful Listening Quick Reference Guide

    • Expanded Learning

  • 7


    • Note from Dr. Sweeten

    • Exit Evaluation